Hey, I'm Idan.

I'm an online yoga teacher...

on a mission:

To inspire one million people to start practicing yoga...

...so they can become the strongest, healthiest and most confident version of themselves. 

Not that long ago... I was seriously depressed.

  • I was working in a job I hated,
  • spending my days locked-up in a high, corporate tower
  • sitting for hours on a chair without moving a muscle
  • and interacting with no one but five computer monitors and a plastic plant

I was physically & mentally exhausted, constantly anxious and stressed by my job. I was feeling depressed and lifeless.

My body was getting older, my energy levels none-existent.  

I turned to yoga as my last resort

After losing all hope of my life ever changing, I turned to yoga as a way to try and move my body a little bit.

"Maybe, at least, I won't feel as stiff" I thought.

Little did I know this one, insignificant part of my day will end up changing my life forever.

The more I practiced, the better I felt.

  • At first, It was just my body. suddenly feelign looser. Lighter. Younger.
  • Then, my mood began lifting. I noticed I wasn't as stressed out and crancky all the time. Laughing became an every day thing again. I was happy.
  • Eventually, my mind got real quiet. All the negetive voices in my head that were constantly bringing me down disappeared. My mental fog has been clear. I felt lucid. Collected. Free. Like I can do anything.

Within a year I could hardly recognize myself.

Who is this strong, confident, happy person? šŸ¤—

My family and friends kept asking me what was I doing to become this strong and happy... and I had just one answer to them - Yoga.

And then.. I did something crazy.

I decided to quit my safe job, pack my bag, and leave everything behind...

...And flew with my babe all the way to far away India - the great source of yoga - to learn the craft and get certified as a true yoga teacher.

Now I want to invite you

to join me on a journey that will change your life forever

Get started with my free yoga beginner routine

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It will help you get started with yoga in only 15 minutes a day,
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