How to overcome morning stiffness

Do you jump out of bed every morning, ready to take on the world?

Or do you take forever to get going because your body feels stiff and tight (almost like your joints are “glued” together)? 

Most people are not flexible, especially first thing in the morning.

Our joints lose natural lubrication over time and it’s why a lot of people feel stiff but you can do something about it!

These focused yoga stretches release tightness in your legs, knees, hips, and spine.

You can do it even if you’re a total yoga newbie…

Watch the video above, do the stretches and start to feel as flexible as a crazy straw in no time!


Did we just discover the fountain of youth?

Discover how this fun and simple yoga routine can help keep your body young, flexible and completely pain-free at any age.

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