Meal Prep 101: How to Make Healthy Eating a No-Brainer

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Hey friend 🙂

Ever feel like eating healthy is a full-time job? I get it. 

Between juggling work, family, and that elusive "me time," spending hours in the kitchen just isn't on the menu. 

But what if I told you there's a way to make it all a no-brainer? 

Enter: meal prepping.

It's the life hack that helped me get into the lean body I now have.

Remember two weeks ago when we chatted about the chaos that is our eating routine? Well, this week, we're diving even deeper into that second step: planning meals ahead.

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Why Meal Prep?

Think of meal prepping as your personal kitchen assistant.

It's not just about saving time, though it does that in spades.

It's also about saving money (bye-bye, daily takeout 👋) and easing that daily "What's for dinner?" stress.

Plus, it's a foolproof way to keep your portions in check, so you can
stay on track with your health goals and lose body fat without even trying!

What You'll Need

First things first, you'll need some containers.

Tupperware, glass jars, or even those cute bento boxes—whatever floats your boat.

Here’s how to meal prep in 5 simple steps:

🟡 Step #1: Planning Your Meals

Take 10 minutes on a Sunday to plan your meals for the week.

Jot down a few easy-to-make dishes/ingredients that give you a balanced mix.

Think a protein like chicken, tofu or fish, a veggie like spinach or bell peppers, and a carbs like quinoa, rice or sweat potatoes.

To bring this home here what I made last week 👇

  • Protein: Grilled chicken fillet, boiled eggs
  • Carbs: quinoa, sweat potatoes cubes
  • Veggies: I prepare fresh salad for lunch and dinner daily (Check out my 60 sec salad hack below)

🟡 Step #2: Grocery Shopping Tips

Armed with your meal plan, make a shopping list and stick to it.

Pro tip:
Don't hit the store when you're hungry.
Seriously, you'll end up with a cart full of cookies and zero veggies.

🟡 Step #3: The Actual Prep

Choose a prep day that works for you and go to town to shop everything you’ll need for the prep.

Cook up your carbs and proteins, chop or steam your veggies, and place them into your containers.

Make it a fun ritual—blast some music or listen to a juicy podcast while you work.

The way I do it:

I do meal prep twice a week for 3-4 days ahead.

This makes the prep time shorter, the process easier, and I get to eat fresher food during the week.
This what’s works for me.

🟡 Step #4: Storing Your Meals

Once everything's prepped, stash your food in the fridge or freezer.
Fresh salads and fruits are best eaten within a couple of days, but grains and proteins can last a bit longer.

The 60-sec salad hack
I wanted to eat more salad but chopping the veggies took too much time!

It all changed when I discovered the ‘pre-washed’ and ‘pre-chopped’ veggies in the supermarket.

Here’s how I make a salad in 60-sec (or less).

In a bowl I mix:

  • handful of ‘pre-washed’ baby spinach leaves
  • handful of sunflower sprouts
  • handful of ‘pre-chopped’ mix of carrot, cabbage, kolhrabi
  • few cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • chopped cucumber
  • done.

🟡 Step #5: Making It a Habit

The first step is always the hardest, but give it a few weeks and you'll be a meal prep pro.

It's like meal prepping is giving future-you a little gift every single day.
And who doesn't love presents?

Your Actionable Tip for the Week

Start small.

Try prepping just one type of meal this week.
Maybe it's a batch of grilled chicken fillet, pot of rice, and box of chopped veggies for lunch.

The key is to start. You've got this!

I'd love to hear how your first meal prepping experience goes!
Send me some pics 📸

Got questions or your own genius tips? Hit reply and share them with me.

Sending you all the good vibes ✌️



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