The Vibe #26: Some natural pick-me-ups from me to you 🌿

Read Time: 4 Minutes

Hey friend,

I hope you're feeling all warm and fuzzy in a cozy sweater, maybe with a hot chocolate that makes you grin ☕

It's getting chillier and darker early, but guess what? We can still find lots of happiness in the cool air of fall.

I was thinking this morning, coffee in hand, about something interesting.

Did you know over 30 million people in Europe take antidepressants to help them feel less sad?

And over in the U.S. it's about the same, with around 37 million folks doing it too.

That's like 1 out of every 10 people!!

For some, these medicines can be a lifeline.

But I've got this itch to talk about ways to boost our happiness naturally, especially since it's getting to be winter and a little extra cheer can go a long way.

So, let’s dive into Nature’s own little stash of happy pills, shall we?

☀️ The Sun: Our number one star (literally)! It doesn't just make our skin tan; it gives us Vitamin D, which can make us feel super happy, like getting a big hug.

💋 Good Sex: It’s not just about the O, my friends. It’s about feeling really close and special with someone. It can make you feel so good and happy, way better than any pill.

🌳 The Forest: Walking in the forest and breathing the fresh air can make you feel relaxed. It's like the trees are helping you let go of your worries.

🌊 The Ocean: Listening to the waves and looking at the big, wide ocean can chase away sad feelings and help you feel calm and happy.

🧘 Yoga: Yoga is like a chill buddy who helps you stay calm and happy. Yoga teaching us to go with the flow and embrace the ups and downs of life, on and off the mat.

😇 Meditation: It's not just for the spiritually woke crowd. Just a few minutes of being quiet and still can help push the reset button on feeling stressed. Seriously, it's science

🌬️ Breathwork: This one’s a game-changer. It’s like having a secret weapon against anxiety in your back pocket. Deep breath in, long breath out, and watch your worries float away.

🏋️ Weight Lifting: Lifting weights can make you feel strong and confidence, like you can tell any problem, "You’re not the boss of me."

👯 Good Friends: Laughing and hanging out with your best friends is like medicine for the heart. It's all about feeling like you belong and are cared for — no prescription necessary.

🚴 Cardio: This means moving your body in a way that makes your heart happy and strong, not too fast, just nice and steady.

🚶 Walking 8-10k Steps: Never underestimate a good stroll. It’s meditative, it’s exercise, and hey, it's a chance to show off your cute workout gear.

🥑 Nutrient Dense Foods: You are what you eat—literally. Think vibrant veggies, fatty fish, nuts, and a little bit of dark chocolate, can actually make you feel happier!

So before reaching for the medicine cabinet, how about we tap into this buffet of bliss that nature has laid out for us?

Let’s get high on life 😎

Sunshine, good company, a bit of sweat, and plenty of green on your plate.

It’s a recipe for happiness that’s been here all along.

Until next time, keep shining, keep moving, and keep nourishing that beautiful body of yours.

Have a wonderful weekend ✨

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