I’m using this trick to avoid burnout and you should too

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Hey friend 🙂

I was reading about this Olympic runner, Carl Lewis, who won 9 gold medals.

But the weird part was how he ran his races.

He started each race almost in last place!

Doesn't make sense…but somehow he always kicked it into top gear at the end and finished first.

After analyzing his strategy, they realized Carl never went all out from start to finish.


He paced himself at about 85% effort, saving his energy.

What became to known as the “85% Rule Of Winning” and in this newsletter I’ll show you how you can apply it to your own life.

Here’s why it works:

Trying to sprint full speed the whole way?
You'd wear yourself out fast!

But Carl's tactic let him get into a rhythm without tiring too early.

He could focus, adjust his speed, and keep fuel in the tank for a killer finish.

Pushing your limits too soon leads to drain and burnout.

But the 85% rule is about being steady, not overdoing it.

Carl showed that starting smooth, building momentum bit by bit, then pouring it on at the close makes a winning combo.

And you know what?

We can use that pace-yourself mindset in our own lives.

Here's how to use it in your life:

1) Your Diet

Forget trying to eat perfectly "clean" 100% of the time.
Depriving yourself often leads to bingeing later, right?

Instead, we can be a little more realistic and aim to make the healthy choice for about 85% of our meals.

This takes off the pressure so we don't beat ourselves up for every little slip.

Focus on adding nutritious foods like veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains whenever possible.

But also leave room for the occasional meal out with friends or a small treat here and there.

Eating well most of the time will still get the results we want in a balanced, sustainable way.

2) Exercising

Forget those hardcore workouts that leave you sore for days.
That's a surefire path to burnout, not results!

Instead, aim to exercise at about 85% intensity.

This allows the body to find a comfortable groove without all the strain.

Choose activities you enjoy and focus on maintaining good form rather than killing yourself to finish.

Keep your breath steady, and movements controlled.

This prevents injury while challenging you just enough.

Listen to your body and stop when you feel you’re redlining it.

Then congratulate yourself for putting in consistent work.

Over time, you’ll regain strength, balance, and mobility with less ache and fatigue.

Legendary Olympic champion Carl Lewis paced himself at 85% effort to finish strong.

We can use his strategy in our lives - go comfortably hard, prevent burnout, and unlock our best in the long run!

Have a wonderful weekend ✨


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