Why past setbacks are key to your fitness journey

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Did You Know?

Your past does not define your future when it comes to transforming your body and health.

Studies in behavioral psychology show that past failures can be critical learning experiences that pave the way for future success.

Every attempt at change, even the unsuccessful ones, teaches you something about yourself and what does or doesn't work for your unique body and lifestyle.

Armed with that knowledge, awareness of your triggers, and the right support, you're now in a much stronger position to succeed than ever before.

By learning from past experiences and applying sustainable habits, you'll achieve a fitter, healthier body that you can maintain long-term.

This means looking better, feeling more energetic, and experiencing fewer health issues.

Never give up on yourself!

Good For You

Sitting too much can make our hips stiff and locked up, which can also affect our lower back.

By stretching the hips, you’ll not only release this stiffness but also relieve lower back pain.


Here’s a simple stretch you can do every day to release your hips after a long day of sitting 👇

How to use it?
Sit in this stretch for at least 60 sec on each side.

Weekly Workout

This week I have a surprise for you! 🎁

I created FREE 15 minutes fitness classes for complete beginners!

You can do at home even you didn’t exercise in a veeeeery long time.

To access the class click the link below, follow the steps and get access right away!

👉 Click here for free access

Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: None
Good for: Taking the first step towards reviving your love for movement and exercise

Nutrition 101

Each mealtime is a moment of choice, a chance to nourish not just our bodies but also our intentions for a healthier life.

One simple practice I’ve embraced is making sure that 50% of my plate is filled with vegetables.

Why vegetables?
They help prevent overeating by filling you up.

They're packed with the fibers our digestive systems crave and play a key role in maintaining a healthy body weight.

So, on your next meal, try reaching for more greens, reds, yellows, and purples.

Watch how this small change can not only transform your plate but also your perspective on health.

In a world full of fast choices and fleeting moments, this is how we can slowly but surely choose wellness, one plate at a time. 🌱

Ask Yourself

How often do you prioritize your well-being over your daily responsibilities?

What are the long-term consequences of not prioritizing your health?

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