The Vibe #25: Why can’t you lose 5 kg?

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You're eating salads, skipping the midnight snacks, and even making room for that occasional Frappuccino because, hey, life needs flavor, right?

But despite all this, the scale isn't budging in the direction you'd hoped.

Let's get real: you're stuck in a rut, and it's time to figure out why.

So let's debunk some diet myths, clarify where you're tripping up, and offer some realistic swaps.

Trust me, those pesky 5 kg won't know what hit 'em! 😊

Just a Salad for Me 🥗

You're sitting in a restaurant and don't really feel like splurging on a 300-gram steak, so you go for the safe option—a salad.

It's just vegetables, right? What could possibly make you gain weight?

Well, many restaurant salads are seasoned with fatty dressings, topped with fatty cheeses, croutons, nuts, and of course, served with a side of bread, making the meal very high in calories.

And if you're sure your salad is negligible, why not indulge in dessert?

What to do?

For starters, ask the waitress to remove all the high-calorie items from the salad—the croutons, some of the nuts (because nuts are super healthy), and other fatty add-ons.

A big, nutritious, and honest salad doesn't really need anything else.

Try to request low-calorie dressings and, of course, skip the bread.

I Did Sports, So I'm Allowed 🏋️‍♂️

True, but the question is, what are you allowed and how much?

After physical activity, the body uses the incoming food to build muscles, so it's best to eat mainly proteins and carbs.

On the other hand, if you come home and devour the biscuit cake in the fridge because 'hey, proteins and carbs,' it's like you spent half an hour on the treadmill for nothing.

What to do?

Prepare food before going to the gym.

That way, you won't be tempted by what's in the kitchen and will also give your body what it really needs.

Then, if you still crave something, you can indulge in a small piece of cake.

Desk Job, Dine Smart 🍝

When you're grinding away at work, stepping out for a quick lunch can feel like a mini-vacation.

But watch out, those convenient eateries surrounding your office are often loaded with calorie-dense options that are anything but "working lunches" for your health goals.

Think about it: that creamy Alfredo pasta or that hefty burrito—it tastes amazing but isn't exactly nutritious.

What to do?

If you're dining out, opt for menu items that are grilled, baked, or steamed.

Skip the creamy sauces and extra cheese, and instead, look for veggies to accompany your main dish.

Consider sharing a plate or taking half to go for another meal.

Healthy choices are always on the menu; you just have to order them! 😊

The Glamorous World of Frappuccinos 🧋

You're rushing around, juggling tasks, and craving something that screams comfort and indulgence.

Ah, a Starbucks Frappuccino topped with whipped cream!

Before you dive in, though, keep in mind that these frothy delights can clock in at around 400 to 500 calories.

And let's be real, the "skinny" versions don't save you that many calories, but they do seem to skimp on taste.

What to do?

Hey, I'm not saying ditch the Frapp entirely, but maybe play it cool with how often you treat yourself.

If you do decide to indulge, pair it with a lighter meal later on to keep things balanced.

Free Calories at the Bar 🍸

You're going out with friends, you're not driving, and you really want to let loose with some alcohol.

Good for the soul maybe, but terrible for your diet.

In alcoholic drinks like a margarita, sangria, or a pint of beer, there are more than 200 calories .

What to do?

Cut back a bit on food throughout the day (don't arrive at the club on an empty stomach), and try to control your drinking throughout the evening.

You've made it to the end, and hopefully, you've picked up some valuable insights along the way!

Remember, it's not about giving up all the joys in life; it's about making smarter choices that align with your health goals.

So go ahead, tweak your habits, and let's show those stubborn 5 kg who's boss!

Keep striving, keep thriving, and here's to a healthier, happier you.

Cheers! 🥳

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