Stretches you should be doing if your sit a lot

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Did You Know?

You know, it's pretty fascinating -
research shows that whether we're trying to eat more or less, we all end up eating about 1.7 kg of food each day on average.

This really highlights how important the calorie density of our food choices is.

Let me throw a wild example your way:

Imagine you ate 1.7 kg of berries.
That's roughly 880 calories.

But if you swapped those berries for the same weight in pizza?
Boom, you're looking at about 4500 calories!

It's a bit of an extreme comparison, but it perfectly illustrates my point: what you eat really does matter.

So, here's a little advice I like to share with my clients, especially those aiming to shed some body fat:

try making sure that half of your plate is filled with veggies in 2-3 meals a day.

It's a simple step, but it can make a huge difference in your journey towards a healthier you.

Good For You

Two stretches you should be doing if your sit a lot

Feeling stiff from sitting all day? 🪑
Let's change that!

These two moves are your golden tickets to improved hip mobility, stretching those hip flexors and the deep-seated quadratus lumborum muscle in your lower back.

Perfect for unwinding and giving your body the TLC it deserves.
Try them out!

How to use it?
Hold each stretch for 30 sec and repeat on both sides

Weekly Workout

Ready to feel stronger and full of energy? I've got just the thing for you.

This at-home, full-body workout is perfect for women who want to kickstart their strength and energy levels.

It's easy to follow and totally beginner-friendly

Trust me, you'll love how empowered and vibrant you feel after this 💪

Time: 15 minutes
Your legs and arms
Good for:
total body
Do the workout three times during next week, ideally on nonconsecutive days. Perform three sets with 60 seconds of rest between sets.

Tasty & Healthy

As someone with a sweet tooth, I'm always on the hunt for delicious yet healthy swaps for my favorite treats.

This week, I stumbled upon a game-changer:
a delectably rich brownie that's actually made with quinoa.

That's right—quinoa!

I learnt this recipe from the talented @Gigi_goes_vegan on Instagram.


  • 120gr dry quinoa
  • 100gr greek ‘style’ yogurt
  • 90gr overripe banana
  • 9gr flaxseed + enough water to turn into a slurry
  • 40gr cocoa powder
  • 40gr maple syrup
  • 50gr peanut butter
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract Chocolate chips to taste

Check it out here for full instructions and more yummy recipes.

Ask Yourself

What's the one health or fitness goal you've always wanted to achieve but haven't yet? What's holding you back?

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