My programs

My programs and products are designed to help you get better with age, feeling your best at every stage of life.

Zero to yoga

Boost your energy and flexibility with my Yoga for Beginners program, designed to help you start your yoga journey and experience its incredible benefits.

Back to shape

A 28 day health & fitness restart program to help you get back to shape and establish a solid fitness routine & healthier lifestyle.

Tall and proud

Take back control over your body and regain your confidence with my proven "Star Method" for a tall and correct posture you can be proud of.

The Journey To Flexibility

A 28 day flexibility challenge to reclaim your lost flexibility, reduce stiffness, relieve pain and gain back your freedom of movement.

Zero To Meditation

Cultivate inner peace, reduce stress, and unlock profound happiness in just 21 days through the transformative power of meditation – no prior experience needed.

My wellness membership

Ashram is my digital sanctuary for yoga, fitness and & vibrant living

As a member, you'll access a diverse library of classes, programs, challenges, and workshops designed to help you prioritize your well-being so you can look and feel better with age.