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Turn a regular yoga practice into your new normal as you Get Yourself Off The Couch and back On Your Mat… without Even Trying.

Experience the “sticky” yoga technique used by the world’s top athletes, and Begin forming a rock-solid & consistent yoga practice that lasts a lifetime

So You’ve Fallen Off Your Yoga Routine, and Feel Bad About Yourself... Again.

It starts the same way every time:

  1. First... You make a promise to yourself to keep up with a regular yoga routine.
  2. You’re super excited and energized. You swear you’ll stick to your routine this time.
  3. But sooner or later... you find yourself skipping 1 day, then 2 days then 4. Pretty soon you’ve skipped a week!
  4. Next thing you know... you haven’t done a single asana in months, or even years!

Now you’re right back where you started:
Out-of-shape and ready to break up with yoga... for good.

Sound familiar? If so, don’t worry…

You’re Not The Only One.

Close to 300 million people practice yoga around the world, and unfortunately... almost every one of them will end up quitting their yoga practice only to start all over again… and again, and again!

Why? Because...

Most people fail to be Consistent with yoga because they use "Willpower" to get on their mat every time.

My babe tried using "Willpower" to create a consistent yoga practice, but...

It would work for a while... but sooner or later she’d stop doing it and had to start all over again. Poor babe 🥺

She blamed herself and sincerely believed there's something wrong with her for not being able to maintain a consistent yoga practice,

But the truth was... it wasn’t her fault!

(and it isn’t yours either. You’ll see why in a minute…)

I was determined to help my babe finally stick to a regular yoga routine.
So I did my research, and found something VERY interesting…

Research Proves Willpower alone will not help you create a yoga practice that lasts

At least not for long, and here's why:

Willpower is managed by the part of your brain that needs a lot of energy to work well.

Since our brain is programmed to save us energy, whenever you do something that's energy consuming - it will do its best to remove this energy-draining activity.

This means that whenever anything drains your energy...

and makes you feel: Tired, sad, hungry, restless, angry or any other normal human emotion --

Your brain will try to save energy by sacrificing your willpowerleaving you going through yet another day where you haven't kept your promise to yourself and did something good for your body.

The book that helped me Discover the secret to creating a Consistent yoga practice

As I dove deeper into researching how to create a consistent yoga practice, I discovered James Clear’s bestselling book: Atomic Habits.

This book taught me the secret for creating a yoga practice that sticks:

We need to turn our yoga practice into an automatic habit we do without even thinking about it.

By turning our yoga practice into a habit - it will not consume any energy from us, and our brain will help us create a practice out of it. 

To create a consistent yoga practice you will need to turn your yoga practice into an automatic habit

A habit is something you do regularly, without even thinking:
like brushing your teeth, or eating lunch.

Want to learn How to turn your yoga practice into a habit? it's Incredibly simple...

During the 1940s the Japanese company Toyota learned a system for consistently improving and upleveling their company's performance. 

They names this method "Kaizen",

and it's the one thing responsible for Toyota becoming one of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

At the core of the Kaizen method is the idea that small and simple, ongoing improvements over time can create unbelieveable results.

When translating The "Kaizen" principle into your yoga practice, it looks like this:

Kaizen means you'll be able to create a yoga habit by starting small: 

With fun, short and simple classes your brain will have NO resistance to.

Then, you begin increasing the length and intensity of your workouts over time,

resulting in a strong and rewarding yoga practice you'll be able to easily maintain.

Once you'll use the "Kaizen" Principle on your yoga practice, you will be able to create a steady and Consistent Practice. 

Amateur Yogis fail to be Consistent with yoga because they try doing too much, too soon... and end up giving up.

Straight from the start, after not practicing for a while, they will try and do a 60 minute class for intermediate or advanced students.

That's crazy, and will never allow them to stick to their practice, because your brain will classify yoga as a "difficult, energy draining task".

If your brain begins to see yoga as a "tough, difficult" thing it "needs" to do - your practice is done, because your brain will do whatever it can to stop you from doing it again.

The "Kaizen yoga method" allows you to do what no other yoga system can...

Which is to build a strong and unshakeable yoga practice that lasts, and love the journey of doing it.

It allows you to stick to yoga for long enough to witness all the incredible benefits yoga has to offer.

Whether it means to get into the best shape of your life, to gain your youth and flexibility back, or to ground yourself and become immune to stress and anxiety... everything you ever wanted is on the other side of your yoga habit.

This means getting on your mat each time becomes as easy as breathing... a part of who you are.

Simply commit yourself to following the easy and fun "Yoga Kaizen" technique, and see how your practice becomes effortless, and how you become a true yogi.

Imagine: How will life look like Once you're able to finally be consistent with your yoga practice

When you follow the "Kaizen" system you will be able to create a yoga habit that’s SO strong you can:

  • Stick to a daily Yoga practice for months and years without even trying
  • Start having fun with yoga because you can FINALLY see results!
  • Feel empowered with a yoga practice that helps you feel strong and confident
  • Beat willpower without thinking about it when your yoga practice becomes habit
  • Keep your motivation dialed up even when you’re feeling tired or down

My goal is to help more yoga amateurs who struggle with consistency to form a yoga habit that lasts  

And so after helping babe... I set out to turn this method into a fun and simple, step-by-step program,

that will help you utilize my "Yoga Kaizen" method into your own yoga practice. 

This program will work better for you than an in-person yoga session, as you can do it straight from home, on your own free time.

I call this program...

The practice

The only yoga program of its kind design to help you to form A Rock-Solid & Consistent Yoga Practice That Lasts A Lifetime

Now Available For $97.00 Just $47

What is "The Practice" yoga program?

"The Practice" is a unique 4-week yoga system designed to help you form a strong and consistent yoga practice.

It's based on the Japanese "Kaizen" method, and is used by the world’s top performers in sports, the military, and even the entertainment industry!

During your 4 weeks of yoga-habit creation...

You will go through different yoga classes meant to help you form a solid practice.

The complexity and length of each class is raised gradually, so you can build strength, flexibility and confidence as you progress…

…no matter how often you’ve quit and even if you’ve never done yoga before!

Total training time:

4 weeks X 3 times a week

You'll finally be able to...

  • Stick to a Yoga practice over the long term - so you can see results and become more flexible and stronger than you ever have
  • Fall in love with Yoga again - Smile a lot, laugh a lot and have FUN so can actually enjoy doing Yoga and look forward to doing it each time
  • Make yourself a priority - Create a healthy habit you can stick to and feel genuinely happy you’re finally taking care of yourself in the way you want to
  • Get “bragging rights” - Feel proud of your achievement and earn the right to tell all your friends you’re doing yoga consistently (& you’re officially a Wonder Yogi!) 
  • Finally STOP blaming yourself - Feeling like it’s your fault that you can’t stick to a workout schedule (what a relief!)

As well as...

  • Safely build up strength & flexibility - Advance at a gentle yet consistent pace so you can see real progress without pushing hard or hurting yourself
  • Get on track to becoming your BEST self - motivated, energized, empowered, confident and ready to take on the world.
  • Inspire family and friends to adopt a healthy yoga habit - when they see just how healthy and happy you’ve become!
  • Step into ANY “real world” yoga class - knowing you can do the moves, no problem (no more worrying you’re the worst one in class!)

Now Available For $97.00 Just $47

Four Valuable Bonuses I’m Including Absolutely Free… On This Page Only

To make sure this system works for you I’ve come up with special extras, so you get to the finish line with a powerful yoga habit you’ll have forever!

Bonus #1

The Schedule

This handy tool can help you fit yoga into your schedule so you won’t miss a single session even if your week is jam-packed and you have a to-do list a mile long

Bonus #2

Yoga Props Mini Class

Everything you need to know about going pro with Yoga with props you can find around the house (no need for expensive gear that leaves a hole in your pocket!)

Bonus #3

Meditate Without Meditating

Transform ANY yoga class into a moving meditation with targeted breathwork.

Enjoy the benefits of meditation -- like peace, calm and focus -- without feeling forced to sit still for hours!

Bonus #4

Yoga Pose Cheat Sheet

This handy dandy cheat-sheet details every single pose in this program, and will allow you to go through the class on your own on the days you don’t feel like watching the class videos, or you feel like going for it alone.

Gain Access Now

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself, take charge of your health and find out for yourself just how AMAZING life can be! 💪

Here's everything you get:

  • The 4-Week Done-For-You The Practice System
    PRICE: $97.00 Only $47
  • The yoga scheduler
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE
  • The yoga props mini-class
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE
  • The Meditate Without Meditating class
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE
  • The yoga pose cheatsheet
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE

Now Available For $97.00 Just $47

Need help?

Reach out to babe and me at: support@ashramapp.com

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’ve created this program so you can have fun, get stronger and fitter AND start building a yoga habit that you can stick to forever!

My deepest wish is for you to enjoy the life-changing benefits of a long-term yoga practice.

BUT just in case you change your mind for any reason, just send us an email to support@ashramapp.com within 30 days of your date of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

Questions we get a lot

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone who wants to build a strong, consistent yoga practice.
Maybe you’ve tried yoga before and after a few weeks (or days!) you stopped.
Maybe you’re thinking of starting yoga but you’re super busy and you don’t think you can get yourself on the mat regularly.
No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, this program can help you anchor a lifelong yoga habit using proven habit-forming techniques used by the world’s top performers like pro athletes, and world-class musicians.
PS: You can also use the techniques I share in this program to start lasting habits in other areas of your life like eating healthy and learning how to play the guitar!

Is this only for women?

Not at all! All are welcome! Everyone struggles with stress. Everyone feels exhausted and blue sometimes. Forever Yogi can help you with all that and more.

I’m pretty busy. Do I have time for this?

All it takes is 3 sessions weekly for only 4 weeks. In that time, you’ll start building a healthy yoga habit, reduce stress, feel fitter, get stronger and much, much more.
All this from the comfort and privacy of your own home and on a schedule that suits YOU! Isn’t that cool?!

Can I Use This Training If I’m A Beginner?

100% yes! Forever Yogi is designed to meet you where you are now.
This means it’s great for you even if you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat your entire life and it’s also great if you’ve done yoga before.
Either way, all you have to do is follow the Forever Yogi system to see positive results in how you feel in your body (and what you see in the mirror!) in a simple, doable way.

Do I pay once or monthly for access?

Yogi Forever is a one-time investment -- then it’s yours for forever!
It’s a digital product which means you can access it from anywhere in the world, 24/7 at your own convenience.

How can I access it?

Once you sign-up you’ll receive an email with a username and a password to our members-only area. Just login, follow the instructions and get started!

What if I have any questions or need support?

Reach out to us and babe and I will be happy to help! Just send an email if you have questions (or if you just want to say hello!) to support@ashramapp.com

Gain Access Now

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself, take charge of your health and find out for yourself just how AMAZING life can be! 💪

Here's everything you get:

  • The 4-Week Done-For-You The Practice System
    PRICE: $97.00 Only $47
  • The yoga scheduler
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE
  • The yoga props mini-class
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE
  • The Meditate Without Meditating class
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE
  • The yoga pose cheatsheet
    PRICE: $97.00 FREE

Now Available For $97.00 Just $47

Need help?

Reach out to babe and me at: support@ashramapp.com