Idan K.

The "perfect morning" yoga kit

Welcome. Your mornings just got better.

Use this simple 15 minute yoga routine to kickstart your day with zero stiffness, loads of energy, and a high vibe.

Get started with the morning kit

Using the kit is simple: Wake up tomorrow, and open this page. Follow the instructions... and prepare yourself for a perfect day.

 STEP #1 :  

Yoga class + meditation

⏰ 15 minutes

In this video you'll find:

  • The ultimate "Wake Me Up!" 10 minute yoga class - to help loosen up any morning stiffness, and energize your body to prep you for the day.
  • The "1 minute bliss" meditation - that will help lift morning moodiness and quiet unhelpful "busy" thoughts.


 STEP #2 :  

Refreshing morning smoothie

⏰ 5 minutes

In this video you'll find the "Morning Glow" green smoothie - To help wake-up your digestion and pack your body with "make me glow" vitamins and minerals.

Try it out. Seriously - it takes 5 minutes to make. 

What's Next?

Ready to take your yoga to the next step?

Check out my beginners yoga program below 👇

It's a simple and fun yoga crash course for complete beginners to take you step-by-step from a complete yoga-newbie... To rocking your yoga practice with grace and confidence!

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