The "perfect morning" yoga kit

Welcome. Your mornings just got better.

Use this simple 15 minute yoga routine to kickstart your day with zero stiffness, loads of energy, and a high vibe.

Get started with the morning kit

Using the kit is simple: Wake up tomorrow, and open this page. Follow the instructions... and prepare yourself for a perfect day.

 STEP #1 :  

Yoga class + meditation

ā° 15 minutes

In this video you'll find:

  • The ultimate "Wake Me Up!" 10 minute yoga class - to help loosen up any morning stiffness, and energize your body to prep you for the day.
  • The "1 minute bliss" meditation - that will help lift morning moodiness and quiet unhelpful "busy" thoughts.


 STEP #2 :  

Refreshing morning smoothie

ā° 5 minutes

In this video you'll find the "Morning Glow" green smoothie - To help wake-up your digestion and pack your body with "make me glow" vitamins and minerals.

Try it out. Seriously - it takes 5 minutes to make. 

What's Next?

Ready to take your yoga to the next step?

Check out my beginners yoga program below šŸ‘‡

It's a simple and fun yoga crash course for complete beginners to take you step-by-step from a complete yoga-newbie... To rocking your yoga practice with grace and confidence!

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